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While NFL fans and media are mocking Russell Wilson’s constant corniness, what if the quarterback is secretly mocking all of us?

Once upon a time, Wilson only made headlines for his ability as an elite Super Bowl-winning quarterback, but the narrative began to change when he unveiled Mr. Unlimited. Factor in some of his strange press conference sayings and bizarre Subway commercials, and it eventually became clear that Wilson is effortlessly corny. That continued on Wednesday when Wilson spoke to reporters ahead of the Denver Broncos matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars in London, and the quarterback described working out during the flight.

“For the first two hours I was watching film.” Wilson said with a glowing smirk. “For the next four hours, I was doing treatment on the plane…everybody was knocked out, I was doing high-knees and working on my legs.”

Wilson proceeded to be roasted on social media for showing off just how extra he is. But considering the level of strangeness exuding from Wilson in recent weeks, Pat McAfee wonders if the quarterback is duping all of us.

“He is talking as if he thinks that is what he’s supposed to say. Is this like a behind the scenes bit that he’s doing? Is this like one big documentary?” McAfee asked after listening to the Wilson airplane audio on his Wednesday podcast.

“What if it’s 10 years of a bit?” McAfee continued. “What if all this film and all these cameras that they have behind the scenes, they’re just filming him being a completely different human being planning out all these things to create a superhero at quarterback and then whenever he retires, we’re gonna get a documentary and it’s not gonna be like Tom Brady’s, it’s not gonna be like Michael Jordan’s it’s gonna be the complete opposite. It’s gonna be, ‘look at this bit I just ran on the NFL for the entirety of my career.’”

Wilson flipping the tables on all of us and releasing a mockumentary of his NFL career after he retires would be an incredible turn of events, but that would also mean Subway was in on the joke. If Wilson wanted to create a Sacha Bara Cohen-style mockumentary and he chose Subway as his accomplice, then the quarterback is just as strange as we all thought he was anyway.

Personally, I just think Wilson is a little quirky. A lot of professional athletes are quirky. Anyone who devotes that much time, effort and skill to being great at one thing is going to be a little quirky. At least Wilson’s quirkiness is somewhat endearing, compared to that of Kyrie Irving. Maybe be a better teammate, then doing high-knees up and down the aisle while everyone else is attempting to get some sleep. But then again, I don’t what it’s like to have wolverine blood.

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