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Pat McAfee might not hold every Green Bay Packers quarterback accountable on his show, but Brett Favre’s alleged crimes won’t be overlooked.

While interviewing Aaron Rodgers on his show this week, McAfee applauded the quarterback’s toughness. Rodgers later noted that he sat behind Brett Favre early in his career, who always played through injury, prompting McAfee to refer to the former Packers quarterback as “sticky finger bandits.”

Favre is alleged to be involved in the Mississippi Welfare Case, in which the quarterback has been accused of improperly receiving and misallocating funds from the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. After the Rodgers interview, McAfee declared the importance of referencing the alleged crime every time Favre’s name is broached.

“We have to make sure that it’s mentioned every time that man is mentioned because that’s a big deal,” McAfee said. “Now obviously Brett Favre Enterprises is alleging that this is all wrong. And I can’t wait to hear BFE…to drop Brett Favre Enterprises’ side of the story. And we will judge it accordingly. But for the information that we have currently, we have to mention, he tied the hands of poor people and took money right out of their pockets.”

Favre has maintained his innocence despite the mounting evidence against him. Earlier this week, Favre filed court papers to have his name removed from a civil lawsuit by the state of Mississippi regarding the misallocated welfare funds. Favre is not facing criminal charges.

“As a football player, he was an incredibly tough football player, good football player, did a lot of things,” McAfee added. “Certainly in the middle of stealing from poor people in Mississippi right now. Have to chat about that.”

Throughout the Mississippi welfare scandal, the media has been criticized for not talking about Favre’s potential involvement enough, while Favre has simultaneously blasted the media for running a smear campaign against him.

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