INDIANAPOLIS, IN – NOVEMBER 08: Pat McAfee #1 of the Indianapolis Colts celebrates after the 55 yard field goal by Adam Vinatieri during the game against the Denver Broncos at Lucas Oil Stadium on November 8, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The Indianapolis Colts finally fired general manager Ryan Grigson in January after years of incompetence, a move met with praise by plenty of outlets.

But no one reacted with more glee than Colts punter-turned-Barstool Sports personality Pat McAfee:

And when the Browns hired Grigson in an advisory role in May (for some reason), McAfee reacted thusly:

McAfee went on PFT Live for two hours on Monday and elaborated on his Grigson opinions.

(Sidebar: how crazy is it that Pro Football Talk has such a cozy relationship with an outlet whose most famous personality built a career off of satirizing the lowest-common-denominator PFT comments?)

McAfee didn’t exactly hold back, either:

So when did McAfee first have an issue with Grigson?

“The first conversation we had together,” McAfee said. “He told me I was the lowest thing in the organization, and he does not want to keep me. Mr. Irsay is forcing him to do it. That’s our first conversation we had. Whenever he cut our entire team [in 2012] and only kept a couple people, the first conversation he told me I was the lowest thing in the organization and the only reason why I’m there because for some reason, Mr. Irsay won’t cut [me]. Literally.

“It’s not a love-hate relationship. It’s been a hate relationship since day one. Whenever he got fired, I was real excited. It was a great day in my life.

“The only way the Cleveland Browns could get worse, they brought him in. I’m trying to save the Cleveland Browns because the people of Cleveland deserve it. They’re beautiful, they’re amazing people. I think they should just send him to Canada. I think it would be great news for everybody, and for America, and that’s what I’m really here for. America.”

That’s certainly an interesting way to deal with people, assuming McAfee is telling the truth. And from the outside, it’s hard to come down in favor of Grigson, a man seemingly so devoid of decorum that he’s willing to go out in public looking like this:

Still, the most interesting aspect of McAfee’s comments might actually be confirmation of just how deeply involved owner Jim Irsay is in football operations for the Colts.

It’s difficult to imagine that was ever the case when Bill Polian was in the organization, but perhaps when he fired Polian and hired Grigson, Irsay decided it was time to take some time off from Jerry Garcia fantasies to indulge in some Jerry Jones fantasies, instead.


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