Andy Benoit has written for a variety of outlets, from the New York Times to Sports Illustrated.

Now, he’s joining the ranks of media members who have moved from the world of journalism to positions with teams they’ve written about, taking an analyst position with the Los Angeles Rams.

Adam Schefter tweeted that tonight:

Though the title may now be confirmed, this had apparently been in the works for a while, according to at least some observers:

Benoit wrote one of the early profiles on Sean McVay, which at least in part bolstered McVay’s head coaching prospects.

Benoit isn’t without controversy, having had an infamous take in 2017 that there were 15 backup quarterbacks in the NFL better than Colin Kaepernick. (He’s now locked his Twitter account, but his defense of the tweet can be read here. And you can find a fairly comprehensive reply post here detailing how wrong he was from back then, much less now in 2021 with the benefit of hindsight.)

Benoit and the Rams open their preseason with a game against the Ravens on August 14th.

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