No one, and I mean *no one,* demanded Thursday night’s matchup between the 0-3 Denver Broncos and 0-3 New York Jets on NFL Network. And to the shock of…well, also no one, viewership for the Thursday Night Football game hit a season-low.

Broncos-Jets drew just 5.41 million viewers, a new season-low this year. The previously least-watched game came a week ago, when the Dolphins-Jaguars TNF matchup drew 5.43 million viewers. For whatever its worth, TNF still did win the night, topping every other program on cable and primetime broadcast.

Last year’s TNF matchup in Week 4 was Eagles-Packers, which drew 17.62 million viewers. However, the big caveat there is that it aired on both Fox and NFL Network. This year’s Week 4 TNF game aired only on NFL Network.

In Week 5, it will be somewhat easier to compare TNF to last year. The Bucs-Bears matchup will air on both Fox and NFL Network. However, while last year’s Rams-Seahawks game aired on Fox, NFL Network did not simulcast the game because of a carriage dispute between Dish Network and Fox.

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