Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV

The NFL has already touted the success of Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV. And now we’re starting to have a better idea why.

According to Bloomberg, Antenna said Thursday that the NFL’s Sunday Ticket has attracted an estimated 1.3 million sign-ups for YouTube TV. That number exceeds the 1.2 million customers the service had under its previous distributor, DirecTV.

Last month, multiple reports suggested that the NFL was claiming to have more subscribers to Sunday Ticket on YouTube this season than it did on DirecTV last season. NBC Sports reported the claim last month. Front Office Sports slightly clarified that “YouTube has already signed up more residential subscribers than DirecTV last year.” Last season, it was widely reported that DirecTV had around two million subscribers to Sunday Ticket.

The shift from DirecTV to YouTube opened up the possibility for many more fans to sign up for the service, and it seems like many have taken advantage of the opportunity. Some additional information from Bloomberg suggests that nearly half of Sunday Ticket subscribers who bought the package as an add-on to their YouTube TV subscription are new YouTube TV customers.

“It’s a really great win-win for the NFL and YouTube,” Jonathan Carson, Antenna’s co-founder and chief executive officer, said in an interview, via Bloomberg.


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