15 seconds of fame

In the age of iPhone cameras and Snapchat and the need to share every cool aspect of your life with everyone you know, it is not enough to see yourself on the video board at a stadium. You need photographic evidence to show off to your friends.

At least, that’s the idea behind 15 Seconds of Fame, an app that matches users’ faces with their images on Jumbotrons and sends the clips of their moment on camera right to their phone. After partnering with MLB last spring, 15 Seconds of Fame has now joined with the NFL to bring its service to pro football stadiums.

“We are thrilled to partner with 15SOF,” NFL executive Blake Stuchin said in a statement. “This partnership will give our fans an exciting new way to capture gameday memories and share them with their friends across social and digital media.”

“NFL fans will now be able to receive personal video content that was unimaginable a short time ago,” 15 Seconds of Fame CEO Brett Joshpe added. “These nostalgic and epic moments are the ultimate keepsake from an already incredible gameday experience.”

Yes, it might be nice if fans were content to live in the moment without video evidence of every memorable event of their lives, but in a world where the average concertgoer spends half the show with a phone camera in the air, 15 Seconds of Fame is a pretty sharp idea. In addition to MLB and the NFL, the company has partnered with Big Ten Network, Lollapalooza, the University of Kentucky and more, and it counts Kobe Bryant as an advisory board member. It seems likely that other leagues and teams will soon follow.

Soon, all fans will be able to relive their embarrassing dancing or awkward kiss-cam moment until the end of time. Isn’t technology great?

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