The NFL Network ran an interesting segment Sunday. With an assist from host Elliot Harrison, analyst Heath Evans broke down the Seattle Seahawks’ scheduling, predicting wins and losses for all 16 games.

The exercise, which takes up the first three and a half minutes of the video below, was pretty insightful except for one little problem: the schedule they were looking at was actually Seattle’s 2016 slate. You know, the one that already played out last fall.


Among the first to point out this pretty embarrassing miscue was Seahawks punter Jon Ryan.

Soon after, the Seahawks themselves called out NFL Network, predicting wisely that the team would go 10-5-1 over the schedule on the screen.

Our Liam McGuire broke down just how accurate Evans was. Leaving aside the fact that he was predicting something in the past, his performance wasn’t bad.

We have no clue how NFL Network made this mistake. When you Google “Seahawks schedule” you get the 2017 slate, and all the results on the first page lead you there as well. The network must have had the years mixed up internally somewhere.

Next time NFL Network runs one of these segments, we imagine they’ll double check that they have the right year. Then again, it’s a whole lot easier to predict games that have already happened.

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