During the NFL Network’s draft coverage on Saturday, a remark by Mike Mayock left the panel giggling like school children. What did he say? Well, with the Chicago Bears on the clock he commented “I’m very much a Beavers guy,” referring to former Western Michigan University offensive tackle Willie Beavers. Almost immediately after those words, the Bears drafted former Miami defensive back Deon Bush. When the panel realizes the dirtiness of “Beavers” to “Bush” all four of them start to lose it on air.

Rich Eisen tries to collect himself and the panel, but it proves useless as the four can’t contain themselves. Eisen tries to talk about Bush before saying “I can’t help you out man. Producer, help us out.”

The rest of the panel again tries to push forward before the entire segment falls apart as each mention of Bush has them smiling and laughing. Eisen realizes the segment is a wash and throws to an impromptu break live on-air, trying to justify the laughter by saying “we work very long hours here, we’ve got a lot more hours to go.” The feed cuts to shot of the Chicago skyline as their ongoing giggling can still be heard.

This isn’t even the first time the NFL network broke down over a semi-dirty comment. Look what happened when Joe Theismann called Danny Woodhead, Danny “Woodcock.”

The remarks are admittedly childish to laugh at, but after doing draft coverage for three straight days, it’s hard to blame the panel for going a little stir crazy. Sometimes you hear something funny and you can’t contain yourself. For the four panelists, it just so happened to go down during live draft coverage. It’s a tough spot to be in but makes for entertaining TV.


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