After more than 20 years on the air, NFL Total Access signed off one last time, ending the run of the NFL Network staple. Photo Credit: NFL Network NFL Total Access signs off one final time. Photo Credit: NFL Network

Friday marked the end of NFL Total Access, a show that has been an NFL Network staple for the last two decades.

Two weeks before the airing of the final episode, it was reported that the NFL was laying several people off, which would alter programming — likely including NFL Total Access. On Friday that became a reality.

Throughout Friday’s episode, NFL Total Access aired past clips. This included the first episode of the show, which aired on Nov. 4, 2003. Also featured was a segment from 2017, when host and former NFL quarterback David Carr engaged in a throwing velocity contest with then-Texas Tech quarterback and future NFL superstar, Patrick Mahomes.

For the final segment, the show’s four current hosts — Kimmi Chex, Mike Yam, Michael Robinson and Carr all signed off one final time.

Chex started the goodbyes, which included a not-so-subtle response to the recent comments of Kansas City Chiefs kicker, Harrison Butker.

“I am lucky enough to continue on here with the NFL Network and hope to give more of my voice to the league I love while also being a wife and a soon-to-be mother of two kids,” she said. “Don’t ever put women in a box because our potential is limitless and we can do it all. I am forever indebted to this show and I thank you at home for accepting my presence on Total Access.”

Yam shared his history with the show, which began well before he was part of it. He also honored his three co-hosts, as well as Chase Daniel and Brian Baldinger.

“It has been an absolute thrill to be here. And while the entire crew’s obviously disappointed it’s our last show,” Yam said. “It’s been a privilege to be on Total Access every day. Nothing better than laughing with this crew, plus Chase and Baldy. Super excited and more importantly, I have made lifelong friends.”

Robinson remembered being a sophomore in college when NFL Total Access began. He referenced it as “The show of record.”

“It was what we watched. And it was what I wanted to have my name spoken on. So glad to be a part of this show. It will be missed.”

Carr added, “Everyone here has been awesome. It’s been a pleasure to work with all these people. And everyone behind the scenes that’s hanging out.”

Chex then called for all of the behind-the-scenes people to stand on the stage with them as the show went off the air.

“These are the people who truly matter,” Chex said. “It takes a village. This is our village. … It is not goodbye, it’s see you later.”

[Photo Credit: NFL Network]

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