Mike Pereira

NFL Network viewers tuned in Sunday morning to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Seattle Seahawks in Munich, Germany. Given that it was the first-ever regular-season NFL game to be played in Germany, they were expecting to see something they’d never seen before. They just didn’t think that was going to be Mike Pereira making an extremely cringy face.

While he normally works as the rules analyst for Fox Sports, Pereira joined the NFL Network broadcast to provide some insight on officiating decisions. Late in the game as the broadcast was trying to determine if a Seahawks touchdown catch would stand, Pereira seemed to be under the assumption that he was no longer on camera. Either that or he saw something or someone so enticing that he could not possibly contain himself.

The result was something…very off-putting.

If we had to see that, so do you.

Making matters even more concerning, Pereira walked towards the focus of his tongue-waggle immediately after doing it. Hopefully, someone kept tabs on him because there’s no telling what happens after that face.

Since Twitter still exists (for now), there were quite a few reactions to what NFL Network viewers had just witnessed.

Let us never speak of this again.

[Highlight Heaven,via AA on Twitter]

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