The NFL preseason is underway. It’s a time for NFL players and coaches to adjust to the upcoming season. It’s also a time for broadcasters to adjust as well. During the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers preseason game on Saturday night, analyst Mina Kimes took that literally.

Kimes was in the ABC 7 Los Angeles booth alongside play-by-play commentator Andrew Siciliano and fellow analyst Aqib Talib. During the third quarter, the broadcast quickly flipped from the play on the field to a look inside the broadcasting booth. A little too quick for Kimes, who tried to adjust her position towards the camera but ended up going for, and immediately regretting, a casual sitting style, making for a funny and awkward moment for everyone.

Siciliano: “Hey look, we’re on camera!”

Kimes: “…so are my pants!”

True to form, Kimes was able to laugh off the moment later on Twitter.


Of course, the irony is that relatable moments like this are what will make people want to see and hear Kimes more in the booth. The preseason analyst role is one she’s done before for ABC 7 and the more comfortable she gets (literally and figuratively) the more likely a regular-season broadcasting opportunity could be in her future. In the meantime, Kimes and the rest of the ABC 7 team will be back in the booth next Saturday when the Rams take on the Las Vegas Raiders at 10 p.m. ET.

In the meantime, she certainly has a fan in fellow ESPNer Katie Nolan.

[Sam Schwartzstein/ABC7]

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