Mike Nolan (L) and Jaylon Smith at Cowboys' training camp in August. Aug 24, 2020; Frisco, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys player Jaylon Smith (right) talks with Mike Nolan during training camp at Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas. Mandatory Credit: James D. Smith via USA TODAY Sports

Getting hot pepper juice (or, more accurately, the active component capsaicin) in your eyes is extremely painful, and it’s certainly led to a lot of people having to take breaks from cooking or even lab experiments to go wash their eyes out. But it’s stranger to see that happen on a NFL coach’s call with reporters. That’s what happened during a conference call Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Nolan (seen above left with linebacker Jaylon Smith at training camp in August) held with media Monday, though:

So it sounds like Nolan was able to deal with this relatively quickly without much damage. That’s fortunate, but that’s something that can’t be said about his defense this season. The Cowboys are 2-5 and have allowed 34.7 points per game, the worst number in the league. They’ve also allowed 408.1 yards per game, sixth-worst.

And while Dallas’ struggles aren’t all about the defense (Dak Prescott’s injury was certainly not “a blessing in disguise,” no matter how Tony Dungy tried to spin it, and the Cowboys” 25.1 points per game are 19th in the league), Nolan’s defense has been under plenty of fire. So it’s certainly funny at least to see him bringing a different kind of fire on himself.

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