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The news of Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll and Nick Saban leaving their respective positions hit Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel pretty hard.

At 71 years old, Bill Belichick is looking for a new job after parting ways with the New England Patriots Thursday morning. The news followed that of 72 year old Pete Carroll getting fired from the Seattle Seahawks and Nick Saban, 72, retiring from coaching after a historic run at Alabama. Forget about how fans of the Patriots, Seahawks and Alabama football are feeling after the changes, will everyone just think of Mike McDaniel for a moment?

McDaniel met with the media Thursday afternoon and during his press conference, he was asked to address the whirlwind of coaching news.

“It’s just kind of a reminder to me that, you know, I’m just going to be candid, that Father Time’s a d***, You know?” McDaniel said with a chuckle. “Really not a nice guy, but it’s real and I think it reminds you that everything is finite.”

Don’t tell that to Belichick and Carroll, who both have their sights set on coaching again next season and for years into the future. Hopefully for Belichick and Carroll, Father Time can stop being a d*ck long enough for a team to believe two coaches in their 70s still might have something to offer.

“The leadership of coach Belichick has been really, really cool to watch,” McDaniel continued. “He’s been at the chair for 24 years in one organization, and it wasn’t because of entertaining press conferences, it was because his due diligence at what his job was. I have a lot of regard and, as you can tell, I’m kind of mourning the loss of those three, for sure.”

Just to clarify, Belichick, Carroll and Saban are not dead. But we still hope McDaniel can fight through this trying time, especially as he attempts to prepare the Dolphins for their road playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs Saturday night. And while McDaniel might not yet be the head coach Belichick was or is, he certainly one ups the former Patriots coach in press conference entertainment.

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