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As the music winds to a stop in the NFL’s head coach musical chairs, Bill Belichick may not have a seat. So while Belichick has not publicly expressed interest in broadcasting, many around the league now believe that may be his job for the 2024 season.

And just as with his coaching prospects, seemingly everyone in local and national media has opinions on Belichick the broadcaster. That includes NBC’s Mike Florio.

Florio, the plugged-in founder of Pro Football Talk, weighed in on Friday. He said he believes Belichick would be great on a platform like NFL Network. But the more important part of Belichick’s broadcasting career would be what it showed NFL owners, Florio argued.

“I could see him joining NFL Network, working there for a year, and then see what happens in the 2025 hiring cycle,” Florio said on The Dan Patrick Show. “Maybe he needs to show and prove to people that he’s kind of humbled himself a little bit.”

If a perceived lack of humility or flexibility was the issue for Belichick this time around, the Pro Football Talk founder believes taking it easy on TV for a year could work to Belichick’s benefit.

“I don’t think there’s a team that trusts the ability of Belichick to work in a structure where he’s not fully in charge,” Florio explained.

On television, Belichick would have to take a back seat. He would spend a year away from the stress and competition of the NFL and perhaps develop a new perspective on coaching after more than two decades in New England.

Florio also addressed the obvious value of waiting a year from Belichick’s standpoint. While the best openings this cycle were the Chargers or Falcons and he was competing with Jim Harbaugh, next winter Belichick could have his pick of the Eagles, Cowboys, Giants or Bills jobs.

Still, it’s interesting to consider that showing a more thoughtful and humble side as a broadcaster could help Belichick’s chances with owners. Are there really owners who don’t appreciate Belichick? There’s not enough desperation around the NFL to bring in the second-winningest coach ever?

Florio seems to think it would help his cause. That likely will add more pressure and attention to Belichick’s performance as a broadcaster if he does go that route.

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