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Sometimes, things are just meant to be.

In former Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy’s case, the stars may have been written before he was born.

Ahead of Thursday’s NFL Draft, where experts project McCarthy will be selected in Round 1, the National Champion signal-caller sat down with Michigan alum and longtime sports T.V. personality Rich Eisen for Wednesday’s edition of The Rich Eisen Show.

McCarthy shared a story with Eisen about how, before he was born, his parents seemingly predicted that he would become a quarterback someday.

Eisen explained that McCarthy sent him a video before he arrived in Detroit for the NFL Draft. McCarthy elaborated on what that video was.

“Long story short, my dad manifesting my entire life,” McCarthy said. “Just going through the names with my mom. And he was just like, ‘He’s gonna be daddy’s little quarterback.'”

McCarthy revealed he only saw the video for the first time six months ago. His father told him that he wanted to make him wait and “be patient” before he finally showed him the video.

The video saw McCarthy’s dad and mom while she sat in the hospital bed before giving birth. “I’m gonna call you J.J.,” his dad could be heard hearing. “He’s gonna be daddy’s little quarterback.”

The Michigan quarterback and Eisen both talked about how watching it made them a bit misty-eyed. McCarthy said he was “unconditionally grateful” to his parents for everything they sacrificed to get to this point. McCarthy’s dreams will soon be realized once Roger Goodell calls his name Thursday night.

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