Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin was absent from nearly all of the NFL Network’s coverage of Super Bowl LVII in the week leading up to the game. Irvin was pulled due to alleged inappropriate actions with a woman at his Phoenix hotel.

Irvin and his attorneys quickly responded to the allegations against him, filing a $100 million lawsuit against his accuser.

The former NFL player initially told The Dallas Morning News that the only physical interaction he remembered was a handshake, though he also said he did not remember everything because he was drinking and had not seen the video. Now, according to TMZ, the hotel has been ordered to turn over the video of the incident.

“Irvin’s attorney Levi McCathern had requested the footage from the Phoenix Marriott in a motion filed on Thursday morning, believing it will help exonerate the NFL legend, who had been accused of wrongdoing while he was in Arizona to report on SB LVII for the league’s TV station,” the TMZ report said. “On Thursday afternoon, a judge granted the motion … saying the clips must be sent to Irvin by Feb. 20.”

The report also stated that “In the motion, Irvin’s attorney made it clear he believes all of it will help show the ex-Dallas Cowboys wide receiver did nothing wrong when he interacted with a female hotel worker on Feb. 5.”

Irvin was part of the NFL Network’s coverage of Super Bowl Opening Night on Monday, February 6. But the following day, he was pulled from all remaining Super Bowl coverage — including both his NFL Network duties and his regular ESPN spots — after the charges against him were filed.


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