Michael Irvin has filed a lawsuit against an accuser, whose allegations led to him being pulled from Super Bowl coverage.

Michael Irvin was set to be a prominent part of Super Bowl LVII coverage for the NFL Network. But on Wednesday, it was revealed that he was pulled from the coverage, due to a complaint about an incident at Phoenix’s Renaissance Hotel. The specific allegations that Irvin faces have still yet to be revealed. But Irvin is fighting them in a big way.

Irvin filed a lawsuit against his accuser for the sum of $100 million.

“Rash and thoughtless actions can have severe consequences,” the lawsuit said, per TMZ. “Marriott [parent company of Renaissance Hotels] apparently did not appreciate these simple truths when, in a rush to judgment, its employees and management inaccurately and inflammatorily accused Mr. Irvin of misconduct to the National Football League.”

Levi McCathern, Irvin’s attorney, said that the lawsuit has not only damaged Irvin’s reputation, but also caused him to have canceled appearances throughout Super Bowl week and from that, a loss of money.

“It is clear Michael is the latest victim of our cancel culture where all it takes is an accusation to ruin a person’s life,” McCathern said, per TMZ. “Michael looks forward to clearing his name in court and hopes the Court of public opinion will see the truth come out as well.”

In addition to his work with the NFL Network, Irvin also has regular guest spots with ESPN.


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