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The Denver Broncos traded former first round pick Jerry Jeudy to the Cleveland Browns on Saturday for two late-round picks in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. And Broncos legend turned NFL on Fox broadcaster Mark Schlereth couldn’t be happier about it.

Schlereth took to Twitter/X on Saturday shortly after the trade was reported to offer his reaction to the move. In the video, he proceeded to blast Jeudy, saying that he has long called him a “bust” and that he is “not the kind of player” that Denver needs.

“Hey guys, it’s your boy stink here,” said Schlereth. “And I’ve been telling you for the last two years what a bust Jerry Jeudy is at the wide receiver position. Well, today he was traded to the Cleveland Browns for a fifth and sixth round pick. And I got this from you guys all the time. ‘But he is so quick in and out of breaks. He’s a great route runner’.

“Yeah, he is open after the quarterback has already gone through the progression. And as far as a football player, he’s just not a great football player. Doesn’t run secondary routes well to attract coverage, drops the football, doesn’t block. Good riddance! Listen, that is not the kind of player you need here in Denver to rebuild this thing. I’m more than glad he’s gone. But I’ll tell you this, I’ll never forget you Jimmy Jeudy.”

It’s obviously a pretty harsh analysis of Jeudy as a football player from Schlereth, as he essentially refused to even say one positive about his skillset.

That being said, it’s not exactly all that shocking to hear from someone like Schlereth, who has no issue speaking his mind openly about his former team. Schlereth notably called out the Broncos earlier this week, saying that they are “garbage” and “irrelevant”.

Interestingly enough, Schlereth is far from the only former NFL player turned media member to openly rip Jeudy. NFL Network’s Steve Smith famously called him a J.A.G. (just a guy), and a tier 3 wide receiver.

It will be interest to see whether Jeudy can turn his career around in Cleveland after four mediocre years in Denver. But it seems pretty safe to say that Schlereth thinks the chances of him doing so are pretty slim.

[Mark Schlereth on Twitter/X]

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