Mark Sanchez Mark Sanchez in September 2022.

As an NFL player, Mark Sanchez might be best known for the butt fumble. As a Fox color commentator, he made his mark on Sunday by making everyone think about butts in a decidedly different way.

Sanchez, in his second season with Fox after a stint with ESPN, was working the game between the Los Angeles Rams and Atlanta Falcons when Rams running back Cam Akers spotted a hole in the defense and took off for a big gain. The former NFL quarterback decided that he wanted to showcase center Coleman Shelton’s blocking, and the first metaphor that came to mind begs further questions about where his head is at.

“I mean, Shelton’s clearing out defenders faster than a teenager clears his search history on his web browser. Holy smokes,” Sanchez said.

If there’s anything the NFL loves, it’s a reference to internet porn during their broadcasts. And that reference did not go unnoticed by NFL Twitter and viewers.

The USC legend was pretty happy with his handiwork afterward as well.

Sanchez wasn’t done relating himself to the 18-24 demographic on Sunday. Later on, he praised Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford’s accuracy on a touchdown pass to Cooper Kupp by pulling out some keg party references.

“It’s one thing to drop it in the bucket, it’s another thing to drop it in a shot glass or aΒ red Solo cup,” Sanchez said.

It seems like a lot of NFL viewers appreciated Mark’s “colorful” work on Sunday. But maybe we hold off on letting him work one of those Nickelodeon NFL broadcasts for the time being.

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