The ESPN/NFLN graphic on Tee Higgins.

The 2020 NFL Draft has seen plenty of unusual things thanks to it being conducted from the homes of everyone involved, but the technical side has largely been okay so far. However, the ESPN/NFL Network broadcast has received a lot of criticism for something in the editorial realm rather than the technical realm; their insistence on bringing up tragedies in many players’ family histories. Here are some of the many, many tweets on that:

Some of these stories were about immediate family deaths, but some went further afield still to extended family and to all sorts of highly questionable content. One particularly-bashed one was the decision to discuss Clemson receiver Tee Higgins’ mother’s struggles with drug addiction:

That one certainly does seem exceptionally questionable. That’s not a notable fact about Higgins at all, and it seems unfortunate to relay his mother’s past struggles in public on this kind of a platform. But this was just one of the many, many times the ESPN/NFL Network broadcast dove into trauma porn on days one and two of the draft. And while those networks have done that at times before, it’s felt particularly over-the-top this year. We’ll see if that continues during the third day of the draft.

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