If you missed the Texans’ 13-9 victory over the Bengals last night on Thursday Night Football, you missed a pretty terrible football game. Thursday Night Football! It’s craptastic! There were a couple highlights over the course of a low scoring game, though, like DeShaun Watson’s touchdown run and Andy Dalton’s real-time downward spiral into becoming David Klingler.

There was also the final play of the game – a zany multi-lateral attempt by the Bengals to get into the endzone that ended with J.J. Watt spiking center Russell Bodine into the Cincinnati turf like he was planting Baker Mayfield’s Oklahoma flag. It was the perfect ending.

Unfortunately for local fans in Houston, they may have missed that final exclamation point as local station KPRC cut out early according to the Houston Chronicle. The network went right to the local news at 10:30 PM local time. The clock did read all zeroes before the officials put a couple seconds back on for the Bengals’ attempt at the Stanford band play. However, it was an awfully quick trigger finger by the local affiliate.


The Texans may not win that many games this season so it would have been nice for local fans to enjoy the fullness of their victory instead of cutting away. Sure, the clock situation was a little confusing and there was something like a .000000000001% chance the Bengals were actually going to get a touchdown on that play (and maybe a similar chance they’ll get in the endzone period this year), but it’s still a bummer for the local fans that didn’t have the presence of mind to immediately flip to NFL Network. How many times do you get to see an all-world defensive lineman spear an offensive lineman trying to run with the ball like he’s Bill Goldberg?