During the week, head coach Urban Meyer said that the Jacksonville Jaguars were in need of a spark.

“Michael Jordan said it in that documentary is that the Chicago Bulls struggled for years and years and all they needed was a spark…a spark is what? A spark is a great player making a great play. And how do you do that? It’s called competitive excellence…a sack-fumble, interception, a third-down reception. And so, when that happens, that’s when the rock breaks.”

The embattled Jags may have gotten their much-needed spark on Sunday when the Arizona Cardinals lined up to attempt a 68-yard field goal against them with time expiring in the 2nd quarter. Matt Prater’s boot was certainly far but not far enough and the ball fell into the waiting hands of Jamal Agnew. Agnew then took the ball out of the very back of the endzone and scampered down the entire field for a 109-yard touchdown return as time expired before the half.

A thrilling moment all on its own, it became something else altogether with the realization that Gus Johnson was on the call. And he did not disappoint.

Somebody get Gus some lozenges for the second half.

Agnew tied the league record with that return. Antonio Cromartie set the record with a 109-yard return of a missed field goal in 2007 and Cordarrelle Patterson also did it for the Vikings in 2013.

If the Jaguars can capitalize on this, it would be a huge boost for them and Meyer as they attempt to change the narrative about their season. Still, they’ve got Kyler Murray, Chandler Jones, and a whole second half to worry about. So let’s see how much that spark did for them.

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