LeSean McCoy Credit: FS1

Is Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott a legitimate MVP candidate? There’s an opportunity for sound and well-reseasoned discussions on both sides of that question.

If you think Prescott is finally stepping into his own and leading the Cowboys toward a strong playoff push, you can make that case.

If you think Prescott still has more work to do and needs to prove that he can win when it matters most, you can make that case too.

And then there’s whatever case LeSean McCoy was trying to make on Friday’s episode of FS1’s Speak.

Prescott powered the Cowboys to a 41-35 victory over the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday night with 299 yards, three touchdowns, and a 70.7 completion percentage. The QB now has a 70% completion percentage through 11 games this year and has thrown 2,935 passing yards, 23 passing touchdowns, and six interceptions while boasting a career-high 107.4 passer rating.

On Friday’s show, the Speak panelists took turns discussing why Prescott may or may not be in the MVP discussion. James Jones said that the Cowboys signal-caller is absolutely in the mix for the award.

McCoy, who has been down on Prescott all season long, even as recently as a week ago, started by saying that he thinks Prescott is “playing the best football I’ve ever seen him play” before pushing back on the age-old question about whether or not he is “elite.” Later, when pushed on the issue of whether or not Prescott is MVP-calibur, McCoy said no using some rather circular logic.

“We need to see Dak miss a read, throw a pick, we didn’t see that. Fumble, what happens. We need to see that. How do you respond? Because normally, when I see him respond, it’s ain’t responding like that. It ain’t responding with a whole three or four touchdowns. It ain’t that. So that’s what I want to see. When things are going bad…when he misses up, how he responds.”

Jones responds by saying that the former Philadelphia Eagles star needs to give Prescott credit for not having so many errors and turnovers, and that he always had a “but, but, but” even when offering the Cowboys quarterback praise, but McCoy wouldn’t budge.

So if we’re tracking this correctly, what McCoy wants is for Dak Prescott to play terribly, so that he can prove that he can respond by playing better in order to prove he’s MVP material. Meanwhile, the fact that he is playing the best football of his NFL career is, in and of itself, not good enough to put him in the discussion.

McCoy’s strange take caught the attention of the NFL world as well as everyone tried to make sense of this logic pretzel.

When you look at McCoy’s comments about Prescott on the whole this season, it seems like there’s nothing the Cowboys quarterbck will be able to do to impress him other than by winning the Super Bowl. And even then, who know what kind of logic bomb the FS1 host might concoct to say it wasn’t good enough.


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