Larry Johnson (R) on Infowars with Alex Jones.

What do you get when you combine a former NFL player known for spreading ridiculous conspiracy theories and a site known for its crazy conspiracies? Larry Johnson working for Alex Jones’ InfoWars.

It’s worth mentioning that Johnson told Kent Babb of The Washington Post in 2017 that he believes he has brain disorder chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), that he has anxiety, paranoia, and occasional self-destructive impulses, that he’s considered violence towards himself and others, and that he has growing gaps in his memory. So, as with his August tweets, there’s maybe more going on here than just Johnson saying ridiculous things.

But Johnson is now saying those things to an even larger audience than just the almost 70,000 people who follow him on Twitter. It’s unclear when he changed his bio, but he has shown up on InfoWars a lot of times in the past few months, and certainly appears to be a contributor there at this point. Here are some of the clips of him on Infowars:

Meanwhile, Johnson’s Twitter account remains as normal as before:

Yeah, that all sounds like an InfoWars contributor, all right.

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