Lane Johnson says he's boycotting talking to the media.

There have been plenty of NFL players upset with the media over the years, but fewer who have decided to boycott the media entirely.

Philadelphia Eagles Pro Bowl tackle Lane Johnson is the latest to take that stance, though, telling media members Wednesday “I’m not talking to you. I think I’m done. Maybe [for the] rest of my career.”

Here’s video from Jamie Apody of 6abc (local ABC affiliate WPVI):

It’s unclear exactly what Johnson is upset about. After the Eagles’ 19-10 win over the Oakland Raiders Monday night, he described their offensive performance as “shitty from the get go,” and complained about penalties called against him, saying “I think (the holding calls) were ticky-tacky [BS]…You can put that in the papers.”

He did praise his own efforts despite the three penalties against him, saying Raiders’ pass rusher Khalil Mack “didn’t sniff the quarterback all night…he’s supposed to be the best player in the league.” He did also seemingly contradict himself, saying “We won the game. That’s all that matters,” but criticizing the Eagles’ play as well.

Maybe Johnson was unhappy with how he was quoted or portrayed in some of these accounts, but nothing in particular seems to jump out. However, Philadelphia Daily News reporter Les Bowen theorized it was about the comments on Mack and the holding calls, which may lead to a fine from the league:

This isn’t the first time Johnson’s been somewhat combative with the media. He told Fox’s Nick Wright last month that “we’ll just keep proving you wrong” when it comes to Eagles’ doubters, and he’s made plenty of other strong comments. But it’s interesting to see him elevate that to an actual boycott. And he can certainly do that. While the league rules state players must be available to media at least once a week, they don’t necessarily have to say anything. (See the Marshawn Lynch strategy.)

Johnson has long been one of the more outspoken, candid and interesting Eagles’ players, though, so it would be unfortunate for both reporters and fans if he does continue this boycott. We’ll see where it goes from here.

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