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As the NFL season nears, daily shows like NFL Network’s Good Morning Football haven’t run out of things to talk about just yet. But they may be running out of things that they can superimpose Kyle Brandt’s body onto.

During Tuesday’s edition of the show, Brandt was discussing Joe Burrow and if the Bengals quarterback needs to play even better to get Cincinnati over the proverbial hump. Brandt then had the production team pull up a graphic from “something we did in the offseason,” which was a list of quarterback tiers.

For some reason, the graphic displayed had Brandt’s body taking up 3 ⁄ 4 of the screen, while the seven tiers of quarterbacks in the NFL took up the other fourth. Host Jaime Erdahl could not contain her laughter, as Brandt did his best to get through the segment and tried to get his point across.

“Most of what we’ve seen here is my body on screen, but try to look really closely,” Brandt quipped. “There’s my shirt from the GAP and if you look really closely you can see Patrick Mahomes’ face.”

Brandt told the production crew to get the graphic off the screen before asking a question of the rest of the panel. 

“Could I be more of a King Kong and Patrick Mahomes as a postage stamp?” asked Brandt. “Now it looks like I wanted that on there. What are you guys doing? ‘Yeah, that looks great. Put it up!’ What a terrible look for me. I’m trying to talk about the quarterbacks and there’s me standing in my stupid shirt and blazer.”

“It’s so ridiculous,” he added.

Give Brandt credit for taking this in stride. The segment kind of went off the rails there. They brought the graphic back on the screen, as Erdahl seemingly couldn’t get enough.

Laughing through tears, Erdahl compared the graphic to the eye test that someone would get to test their vision at the ophthalmologist.

“I can’t believe that’s what they put up,” said a bewildered Brandt. “You have your communications with staff. They have their ideas. And you have your idea. ‘Let’s put up the quarterback rankings.’ Let’s also put up a huge, Times Square-style Calvin Klein poster of me with tiny little Lego quarterbacks. I got nothing to say. I’m sure they’ll all be fine. Burrow’s gonna be great.

Segments like these and the added humor element are why Good Morning Football is one of the best morning television shows around.

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