The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52 on Sunday for the franchise’s first-ever world championship. After the final whistle, confetti fell while the team, coaches, owner, and others gathered near the podium so that they could receive their trophies and celebrate the monumental occasion.

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart is from Philly and a well-known Eagles fan. He’s been in the news quite a bit recently as an unofficial ambassador for the team and its rowdy fanbase as they’ve marched through the playoffs. As you might have figured, the Jumanji star was at the Super Bowl to cheer on his beloved Eagles and even got on the field afterward to celebrate the victory.

As the Lombardi Trophy was making its way to the podium, cameras caught a rather large security guard blocking what appeared to be a small child trying to get on the stage with the team. Understandably the security guard wasn’t having it. However, upon seeing the child from a different angle, it actually turned out the little guy was Kevin Hart getting blocked.

Plead as he might, there was just no way Hart was getting through. The fact that everyone saw the diss happen means that it was then time for Twitter to do it’s thing.

Don’t feel too bad for Hart. He still got to see his Eagles win the Super Bowl and he got to be on the field with the players afterward. Not being able to make it on the dais is a small price to pay, even for a big Hollywood star. Tonight, Nick Foles and the team were the only ones worthy of standing up there with the trophies.

Also, Hart eventually did make it up on a podium. He was able to wander onto the NFL Network set while they were interviewing players and he joined them just in time to drop an F bomb (the second video below), admit he was drunk, and then run off before he could do any additional damage.

Congrats on your big night, Kevin!

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