Julian Edelman weighs in on Aaron Rodgers' mandatory minicamp absence. Screengrab: ‘The Herd’

Julian Edelman knows a thing or two about roasting legendary quarterbacks.

The former New England Patriots wide receiver did so during Netflix’s roast of Tom Brady and again this week while appearing on The Herd. But this time, Edelman’s remarks weren’t aimed at his former quarterback; they weren’t all in good fun, either.

Edelman weighed in on Aaron Rodgers’ absence from mandatory minicamp. While the Jets knew about Rodgers’ trip, it remains unexcused. The reason for his absence is shrouded in secrecy, labeled “important” for safety reasons by SNY’s Connor Hughes. However, unlike Mets announcer Gary Cohen’s speculation, Rodgers likely isn’t hiding under Pat McAfee’s couch.

Regardless of where Rodgers is or isn’t, Edelman highlights a potential concern his absence may create if the team stumbles early.

“I know a lot of people do things differently, but God forbid the New York Jets start 1-3 to begin the season,” said Edelman. “Which they start with the 49ers, Tennessee, Patriots, (Broncos). We all know that the Patriots are no good, but that defense is still the same defense. And that’s who Aaron goes against. If they go 1-3, this is gonna be such a big distraction for that locker room because everybody’s going to be talking about it.

“This is New York City. It’s the media capital of the world. And you can’t tell me — I’m a big Aaron Rodgers fan, but if I was in that locker room and Aaron Rodgers wasn’t there for three days on the mandatory minicamps — having played four snaps off on injury, when we have two new receivers, we have a bunch of new linemen that we added to the team, with a CBA that doesn’t allow us to practice a lot. I guarantee there’s four or five guys…in that locker room, sitting there like, ‘Where’s he at?’

“Now, if they start 4-0, no one’s going to care. But this is the NFL. I think it’s a bad look for your leader for whatever reason to go and miss an unexcused absence. I mean, I was with Tom Brady in his 23rd year, and he started missing OTAs here and there, but he was still there. (He) never missed a mandatory minicamp. I just thought it was a bad look.”

Edelman makes a valid point. A strong start to the season will bury this whole minicamp drama for Gang Green and Rodgers. However, the pressure is immense. The Jets are relying heavily on a 40-year-old Rodgers, fresh off an Achilles injury, surrounded by injury-prone veterans like Mike Williams and Tyron Smith.

But even if football isn’t Rodgers’ top priority right now, this whole absence will merely serve as a blip if he can step back onto the field revitalized, ready to slay the dragon that is the Jets’ Super Bowl aspirations.

Edelman does have a point, though.

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