Josh Harris just wants to shake Joe Buck’s hand. Screengrab via ESPN.

New Washington Commanders owner Josh Harris joined Joe Buck and Troy Aikman in the ESPN booth for a Monday Night Football preseason telecast hosting the Baltimore Ravens. Buck gave a very gracious introduction to the newest billionaire in the NFL’s exclusive club and began the interview. As he was setting up his second question, Buck extended a hand out in space in front of Harris.

And then the fun began.

Harris looked down and inexplicably shook Buck’s hand for some reason as he was preparing another question, much to the amusement of Troy Aikman.

To make it even better, we also had a Griddy break out while Harris was being invited onto the ESPN telecast as well.

We’ve seen plenty of awkward handshakes in sports before, but this has to go near the top of the list. Harris had been in the booth for something like 40 seconds, why would he go in for a handshake at that moment?!? And it really wasn’t even a shake, he just sort of quickly grabbed on to Buck’s hand and then let go as soon as it happened. Perhaps he instantly realized his regret or was totally oblivious to the situation. Either way, it made for a fantastic moment. Even if you have more money than a small nation’s GDP, it can’t buy you out of being super awkward in social settings.

Or… Josh Harris just really wanted to shake Joe Buck’s hand. Maybe that’s all it was. And at least he didn’t have to fight through airline security to make it happen.