Monday Night Football rules expert John Parry said that Xavier Gipson's walk-off punt return should not have counted due to a penalty. Photo Credit: ESPN Photo Credit: ESPN

Should Xavier Gipson’s walk-off punt return on Monday to give the New York Jets an overtime win over the Buffalo Bill have counted? Not according to John Parry, a longtime NFL official and Monday Night Football’s rules expert.

The final part of Gipson’s return was sprung by a block from linebacker Chazz Surratt on Buffalo’s Quintin Morris, who had a chance to bring Gipson down at about the 25-yard line. And as the Jets and their fans were celebrating the thrilling win, Parry chimed in with his thoughts.

“It is big but you’ve gotta put an asterisk on it because there’s a tripping call that was not made. A trip, a leg whip, right near the 23-yard line, No. 55, which would have brought the touchdown back.” Parry said.

Looking at the replay again, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman seemed to agree with Parry, though Buck quickly shifted back to talking about Gipson’s effort.

The general reaction to what Parry said was not positive.

Even accepting Parry’s argument as fact, it likely did not change the outcome. It’s a 10-yard penalty that happened around the 27-yard line. So, if it was called, the Jets would have been starting at the Buffalo 37, close to (if not already in) range for a Greg Zuerlein field goal.

It’s hard to say that Parry shouldn’t have commented at all. He’s a rules expert. A big part of his job is commenting on controversial calls and no-calls. But at the very least, waiting until the on-field celebration had stopped might have been a good idea.

Unfortunately with this, especially using the word “asterisk,” Parry came off more as a wet blanket than rules expert.

[Photo Credit: ESPN]

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