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JJ Watt finally hung it up this spring after 12 NFL seasons, but he’s not ruling out a return to the gridiron. After debuting as a recurring guest on The Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday, Watt said he loves retirement but left open the possibility of signing another NFL deal.

“I’m enjoying this job,” Watt insisted of his burgeoning media career, which includes a role at CBS and now the weekly spot with McAfee.

McAfee pressed Watt again about the possibility of returning specifically to the Pittsburgh Steelers to team up with his brother, TJ.

Watt again did not fully rule it out.

“I love the city of Pittsburgh,” Watt said. “I love the people there. I love the way they treat my brother. I love the history, the tradition, I have so much respect for that place. It’s incredible.

“I’m enjoying being retired. It’s great.”

Watt is a notorious gamer who often pushed through injury to play in the NFL. He recently told Fox News Digital, “I certainly feel like I could still [play] if I wanted to.”

Not many players have the luxury of a part-time return on their own time. Mostly just quarterbacks get those calls. But Watt is a great player at a valuable position with a strong connection to the Steelers.

While NFL fans get to enjoy his punditry this season on CBS and ESPN, Watt may not be long for broadcasting this fall. He seems like he already is thinking about a return to the field.

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