JJ Watt Taylor Swift CBS’ JJ Watt took up for Taylor Swift and her fans on The Pat McAfee Show this week. Credit: USA TODAY Images

One of the biggest talking points this NFL season has been Taylor Swift’s coverage. The pop sensation and global superstar is dating Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce. Because of that, Swift has followed Kelce to several of his games this season.

You might be aware of this because the TV has shown her in the luxury box at the games. It happens weekly, and some say they’re tired of it. Taylor Swift Fatigue is real, and several have claimed it’s over the top. While it’s not quite the levels of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo in 2007 (thankfully, we’re much better for that), many still claim it’s “annoying” or “tiring.”

In the face of that, this week, CBS Sports’ J.J. Watt decided to advocate for Swift and her fans. On Wednesday’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show, Watt voiced his approval of Swift, what she’s been capable of, and how her fans have responded to all the hubbub.

The show first discussed the fact that Swift is due to perform the week of the Super Bowl. But the crew came to a consensus: That she’ll pick “love” over her profession. As for how her fans would react to that? Watt said, “Have you seen her fans’ response? Her fans love it. Her fans are all about it. They just wanna see her happy.”

They then went into detail about how she’ll travel around the world to perform at massive stadiums like the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia and the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

“But I don’t know why we’re showing her on TV!” Watt sarcastically quipped. “I don’t know! It’s not like, oh yeah, no idea why we’re showing her. Yeah… biggest star in the f***ing world.”

The crew joked that Watt had impersonated A.Q. Shipley, one of the show’s personalities, to which the former three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year said, “Oh is A.Q. pissed? Is A.Q. one of these tough guys? Got a macho head – why are we showing Taylor Swift!? I wanna see the football! Oh wait, there’s Jay-Z! Yeah, Jay-Z!!” Shipley responded that he said he “hates all of it.”

By the way, a study dropped this week regarding the Taylor Swift coverage during NFL games. As it turns out, Taylor was shown on screen for a whopping 1 minute, 41 seconds, according to the study, during the Chiefs’ playoff games against the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills. Make that 0.46 percent of the time.

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