Michael Badgley kick

There are many superstitions in the sports world that you mess with at your own risk.

We all know The Madden Curse, the classic Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx, and the more recent ManningCast Curse.

And if NFL and college football announcers know anything, it’s that the Announcer’s Jinx is very real. CBS’s Jim Nantz was reminded of that very starkly during the Thanksgiving game between the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions.

Down 19-14 late in the third quarter, the Lions sent kicker Michael Badgley out to attempt a 29-yard field goal, which shouldn’t have been a problem considering he has yet to miss a field goal (10-of-10) or extra point (12-of-12) on the entire 2022 NFL season.

However, Nantz couldn’t leave well enough alone and he summoned the announcer jinx, which was bad enough. Then, he preceded to mock the reality of the jinx itself, practically dooming Badgley to miss.

“Do not talk to me about an announcer’s jinx,” said Nantz. “Michael Badgley has not missed a kick all year, field goal, or PAT.”

You know what happened next.

“Lions fans, I apologize because Jim…if you just talk about it, it goes in, but instead he didn’t want to discuss it and Buffalo with a five-point lead,” said Tony Romo as Nantz was incredulous in the background.

It’s not the first time Romo has goaded Nantz into a jinx scenario, though the last time it seemed as though Romo’s mic cut out, perhaps as revenge from his booth partner or the jinx itself.

Hopefully, Nantz is a true believer in the jinx now and doesn’t doom more NFL players to this fate. It’s a lesson that many others, like Joe Buck, learned the hard way before him.

And it’s not just for football announcers either.

Basically, if you’re an announcer and you’re aware that someone is on a hot streak, just keep it to yourself. Because the jinx is real.

UPDATE: And as if the jinx gods were angry with Nantz and wanted to prove their point, it happened again, when Buffalo kicker Tyler Bass stepped up to make his 105th consecutive extra point.

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