Jets Credit: Hard Knocks on HBO

Hard Knocks brought a very entertaining segment to the surface in its newest episode. The acclaimed HBO series on NFL training camp is highlighting the New York Jets this season. It took some kicking and screaming to get there, but the show is following the Gang Green whether the team wants it to or not.

Hilarity emerged, though, as a rookie Jet took center stage. Jerome Kapp didn’t come to the Jets from an SEC school, blue blood, or even Rutgers. Kapp went to Kutztown University and then Seton Hall. Kapp must have been a big fan of the 2003 movie 8 Mile because he delivered a similar freestyle rap on the show.

Kapp got the team going, just as any rookie in his position will aim to do. It was a pretty hilarious freestyle that we’re sure Eminem would be proud of if he came across it. Naturally, he had to wear similar attire, wearing a white tank top, sweatpants, a grey hoodie, and the works. A beanie could have definitely delivered the same effect as the obvious sideways cap, with the New Era logo blasting through the center. But, as far as costumes go, Kapp must have been a fan of the era or at least studied it even for a moment. He indeed nailed that aspect of the movie.

The content of the freestyle might have been hit or miss, but the laughs along the way were indeed more important.


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