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 With the NFL entering the final stages of this year’s season, it is time for any player that has something extra in spare to rise to the challenge. Some players have already shown their worth during the regular season and will try to bring their good form into the last decisive games. Let’s have a look at some of the top-achievers of the season, who are in the runoff to clinch MVP honor.

Aaron Rodgers

Led by Aaron Rodgers the Green Bay Packers have had another good season, reaching the playoffs for the third time in a row as NFC North Division winners. Before being named the starting Quarterback of the team in 2008, Rodgers was an understudy to 11-time Pro Bowler Brett Favre.

Nowadays Rodgers is one of the most reliable quarterbacks and is second in all-time career passer rating. This year he has also had the highest passer rating as well as the highest touchdown passing rating. If Aaron Rodgers takes this momentum into the playoffs, the 38-year-old looks like he is going to take back-to-back MVP awards. However, there are still some people who think, he should not win the title due to his bad attitude.

Joe Burrow

Last year Burrows’ season was cut short when he tore his left knee in his rookie season in week 11. This year the quarterback has bounced back by creating a winning record for the team, the first one since 2015. This also means that the Cincinnati Bengals will enter the playoffs for the first time ever since.

The team not only enters the playoffs, but they enter the playoffs as the AFC North Division winners. Burrow has led the league in completion percentage (70,4%) and yards per pass attempt (8,9), which is why he is in running for the MVP title this season. Betting on the winner of the NFL MVP award is just one of many options available online. You can find many more on and start your betting journey there.

Tom Brady

If you ask Tom Brady’s coach there is no doubt that Tom Brady should win the MVP award, anyone else winning would be a travesty according to Bruce Arians. When looking at some of the numbers for the season he might just have a point.

This season the 44-year-old has made the most completed yards with 5,316 being completed, the third-most of any quarterback during the regular season. He will hope that it is enough to claim his fourth MVP title, even though his eyes are set on his 8th Super Bowl Ring.

Cooper Kupp

The only player on this list not to be a quarterback is wide receiver Cooper Kupp from the Los Angeles Rams. In a close Conference the Rams ended up taking fourth place in the NFC although winning the NFC East division. This win can be greatly attributed to Kupp’s performances.

In a record-breaking 2021 season the wide receiver has accumulated 145 catches, 1,947 yards and 16 touchdowns. All those figures being best in the league. With his 1,965 yards from scrimmage, he set an all-time record for any wide receiver in an NFL season.

With all the favorites being ready for the playoffs, you can see them all in action and pick your MVP favorite of the s