Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen during an NFL broadcast for Fox. Photo credit: Fox

In a mostly expected decision, Fox Sports reportedly plans on having Greg Olsen call Super Bowl LVII with Kevin Burkhardt, per the New York Post.

This choice comes on the heels of the company’s decision to hire Tom Brady, whenever he retires, and immediately anoint him as Burkhardt’s future partner in Fox’s top NFL broadcast team.

For Olsen, this has to be somewhat bittersweet. Yeah, you’re getting the top gig *this* season, and you’ll be calling the Super Bowl and all of Fox’s best games. But when Brady retires, be it after the 2022 season or even further down the road, you’re going to be bumped off of that top spot – despite doing quite well as Burkhardt’s partner in 2021.

I feel for Burkhardt too, who could have his fourth partner in five years in 2023 if Brady does indeed retire after this season. He worked with Charles Davis in 2019, and Daryl Johnston in 2020 when Davis left for CBS (in a twist, Johnston was a placeholder for Olsen, who announced his decision in 2020 to join Fox whenever he retired). After two seasons partnering with Olsen, it might be Brady time in 2023, and he’ll have to start again from scratch. It takes time to build chemistry with a broadcast partner, and Burkhardt will have to embark upon that journey again once Brady calls time on his playing career.

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