No one denies that there are plenty of sports media figures with strong allegiances to the New England Patriots, and that The Ringer’s Bill Simmons and Fox Sports’ Katie Nolan tend to fit in that camp. That led to a pretty funny part in a larger bit from Nolan’s coworkers Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole Wednesday on Fox Sports Live With Jay And Dan (which has not only been sent to an event for once, but is airing during the daylight hours this week!), where they passed along a fan on Twitter’s creation of The Tom Brady Times. They then took it even further by envisioning their own version with articles from Nolan, Simmons, Brady himself, “Probably Jim Garoppolo,” Bill Belichick, the Patriots’ mascot Pat, and God. Here’s the first part of the segment:

And the second part, featuring the articles by Simmons and Nolan:

Nolan’s “It’s True, Boston Is A City With Sports Teams” (lede: “Have you ever stopped to think about Boston’s sports teams?”) and Simmons’ “What I Think About Deflategate” (lede: “I haven’t been very vocal about Deflate-gate. I apologize and hope to fix that with the next eight thousand words.”) are the highlights here, and they’re perfect. And the video includes a reference to “reporters’ blogs, including eight thousand daily words about Deflategate from Bill Simmons.” We can only hope.

Sadly, as of this writing, “” is vacant, but hey, it sounds like there’s a business model here. It should be noted that Wednesday’s edition also had some nice shots at hot take purveyors (which would encompass much of FS1’s other programming), with a “This Day In Hot Take History” segment creating a mock argument about Janet Jackson’s 2004 “wardrobe malfunction”:

Well played, Fox Sports Live. Keep this up, and you’ll be stealing our media criticism beat…

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