It’s one of the most surefire jinxes in the sports broadcasting world. If you bring up a kicker’s ongoing streak of made kicks, they are going to miss this one. Maybe that’s not entirely true, but it sure feels like it.

As New York Giants kicker Graham Gano lined up to boot a 35-yard kick, the Fox broadcast put up a graphic about the kicker’s current streak, the fourth-longest in NFL history, trailing only legends like Gary Anderson, Mike Vanderjagt, and Adam Vinatieri. Meanwhile, Kenny Albert explained the details further and, well, you know what happens next.

“Graham Gano, who has connected on 37 consecutive field goal attempts, tied for the fourth-longest streak in National Football League history.” said Albert. “This’ll be a 35-yard attempt from the right hash. Dixon places it down…aaaand Gano’s streak comes to an end.”

“I knew you jinxed him,” chided boothmade Jonathan Vilma. “As soon as that graphic showed. You jinxed him.”

“You’re blaming me for the graphic?,” Albert jokingly responded.

“I’m blaming you for everything, Kenny,” said Vilma.

Sorry, Kenny, we’re with Vilma. Those are the rules.


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