Fox's Drew Brees graphic took criticism for the "BREAKING NEWS."

Setting a league record can be a big deal, and it’s understandable why a network would showcase a player setting the all-time NFL record in regular-season touchdown passes. However, the way that Fox decided to do that Sunday for New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees took some criticism, especially considering that the player he passed (Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback Tom Brady) could pass him back the next day (the Bucs play the New York Giants on Monday Night Football).

When Brees threw his second touchdown of the day Sunday (in what would eventually be a 26-23 overtime win over the Chicago Bears) and his 559th regular-season touchdown pass (Brady has 558), Fox went with a big “BREAKING NEWS” on their ticker. And they did that not just in the Saints-Bears game, but also in their other games, including the 49ers-Seahawks one seen above. And that decision took a lot of criticism; here’s some of that.

And the critics have a point here. Yes, it’s understandable for Fox to include Brees’ accomplishment on the ticker, even in other games. But the “BREAKING NEWS” feels quite unnecessary, and out of proportion to what’s actually happening here, especially with Brady still to play this week. And the real test of this touchdown record is going to be where the two stand at the end of the season.

Of course, that’s not saying that Fox should ignore that this happened. And you never know what’s going to happen going forward; maybe Brady will never regain that lead. But there certainly seems to be a strong chance that he will, and that makes this less BREAKING NEWS and more of an update on where that race currently stands. And a more restrained ticker update without the BREAKING NEWS would have gotten the news across without taking anywhere near as much criticism.

Hopefully ESPN will be a little more calm if Brady takes the record back Monday night. But maybe they won’t. And however they handle it, this may be an interesting angle to keep an eye on this year if Brees and Brady keep going back and forth. Fox’s approach Sunday certainly drew a lot of criticism; we’ll see if they maintain that going forward, and we’ll see how other networks handle it.

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