Whether or not ESPN reporter Adam Schefter would have been engaged in a conflict of interest by serving on the advisory board for the new Pacific Pro Football League is now a moot point. Schefter has decided that he won’t be a part of the new league’s board to avoid such questions, according to Sports Business Daily’s John Ourand.

Announced last week, the Pacific Pro Football League will be a developmental venture geared toward preparing football players out of high school for the NFL. The primary curiosity surrounding this league is the possible threat it presents to the NCAA, giving amateur players another option to pursue their professional ambitions. And unlike college football, the athletes in the Pacific Pro league will be paid (approximately $50,000). The league intends to debut in 2018.

Schefter was named as one of the advisory board members, along with former NFL coach Mike Shanahan, Fox NFL analyst (and former vice president of officiating) Mike Pereira, former NFL executive Jim Steeg and curiously, MSNBC commentator and political strategist Steve Schmidt.

Earlier this week, ESPN told Ourand that the network did not consider Schefter’s role to be a conflict or any sort of violation of company policy, describing the position as “unpaid and ceremonial.” Yet days later, Schefter apparently decided that associating with Pacific Pro wasn’t a good look, despite the league having no direct ties to the NFL. Here is the statement that ESPN emailed to Sports Business Daily:

“After reflecting more, Adam decided he will not be involved in the Pacific Pro League. While his role was minimal in nature and unpaid, he determined that this was the appropriate outcome.”

Possible conflict of interest aside, maybe Schefter just didn’t want to give up any more of his time. (Or carry yet another cell phone.) After the NFL season is over, he’ll be doing some NBA reporting, some of which will take place on sidelines during ESPN NBA telecasts. Additionally, Schefter just began a new podcast for ESPN, Know Them From Adam. Everyone needs a little time off during the offseason.

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