Mike Florio Credit: PHLEaglesNation

Pro Football Talk founder and NBC Sports contributor Mike Florio has never been shy with his opinions. Often, they’ve become the subject of criticism and skewering, especially on Twitter, with the outspoken Florio constantly defending himself against opponents of his views. But this week, Florio ‘got into it’ with someone in the NFL: Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman.

The two met during an appearance that Roseman made on Florio’s show. At the end of the segment, the PFT founder had interviewed Roseman and seemed to press the Eagles’ GM about the tampering situation involving the Arizona Cardinals and their new head coach Jonathan Gannon. Gannon previously worked for the Eagles, and the Cardinals had recently apologized for the tampering incident that eventually led to his hiring.

Roseman wasn’t there to hear what Florio had to say, as he’d find out.

“Well, if I was making a list of Top 5 conspiracy theorists around the National Football League, you would be on–I don’t know if you would be 1. I don’t wanna appoint you as 1, but you would definitely be Top 5,” Roseman said to Florio.

Florio responded by telling Roseman he was deflecting, to which Roseman reacted with a simple shrug. And then, by the end of the clip, the two laugh while Roseman claimed Florio was being sarcastic. So, the tone did seem light-hearted and humorous. So, in the end, Howie Roseman casually calling Mike Florio one of the biggest conspiracy theorists in the NFL is something that Florio’s opponents will probably latch onto. Still, it ended up being a chuckle-inducing quip.


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