Maybe the most interesting part of the otherwise relatively meaningless Cowboys-Eagles game is happening in the press box.

A beat writer getting kicked out of the press box is not something that happens every day. And “violating press box etiquette” with the PR staff is not really a great reason to make such a drastic move.

According to fellow media members, it appears McLane was not doing anything particularly egregious, only objecting to something the team’s PR staff had said.

Bowen, who has been on the Eagles beat for more than a decade, was none too pleased with what went down, and tweeted about it.

Other media members voiced their displeasure with what was unfolding.

The explanation from the team, that McLane violated the “fan code of conduct” makes very little sense considering McLane is in the press box and didn’t seem to be doing anything overly inappropriate. He certainly has a right to discuss with PR staff if he objects to something they have done.

This is probably not the last we’re going to hear of this story this week.

UPDATE: McLane was reportedly booted from the press box by Anne Gordon, the Eagles’ Senior Vice President of Marketing. Gordon used to work at the Philadelphia Inquirer, where McLane currently works.

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