DJ Chark

When someone says “69” or references 6 and 9 in any kind of combination, you respond by saying, “Nice.” This is internet law. We all know this. The 69-Nice Meme is one of the few things we can all agree on.

We also agree that, while we’re all clear on its allowed usage on Twitter and other social media platforms, we understand if someone doesn’t want to acknowledge it in the wild (i.e. the real world) considering the company and/or the audience. (Also, if, for some reason, you are unclear about what the significance of 69 is, you’ll just have to find that information elsewhere)

But the great thing about the 69-Nice meme is that, if you’ve got your wits about you, you can sneak it into whatever you’re discussing whenever the combination appears. Those who don’t get it will be none the wiser (at least until media outlets like ours point out that you did it. Sorry.).

For instance, take Ian Eagle’s call of this 69-yard (nice) pass play from Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew to wide receiver DJ Chark.

After Chark is finally tackled, Eagle says “Big play downfield for Jacksonville.” At that point, he goes silent and you can hear the gears turning in his head, deciding whether or not he can get away with dropping the meme on CBS of all networks. And then, he calculates that he could.

“69 yards downfield…nice!”

Naturally, the internet noticed.

69 Nice

And just to drive home the ubiquity of the meme, even the Jaguars themselves got in on the Nice action.



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