The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are headed to Super Bowl LV in two weeks, where they’ll be the first team to ever play a Super Bowl at their home stadium.

It wasn’t a comfortable win, though; a great first half from Tom Brady concluded in what amounted to a Hail Mary touchdown, but Brady then threw interceptions on three consecutive drives in the second half to keep things close for Green Bay. One person riding every wave along with Tampa: Bucs superfan Dick Vitale, who live-tweeted the entire game from his living room, complete with awkward selfies and a prominent Pepto bottle.

A curated selection:

Dick may have been shooting for meme status with the Pepto bottle, and he just might end up succeeding. It stuck around for the rest of the game, though for a while it looked like it wouldn’t be necessary:

At times, Vitale came close to haiku:

Dickie V put his analyst hat on and offered some critical words for Matt LaFleur’s decision to kick a field goal down eight with 2:05 remaining, too:

(Hard to argue with him on that one.)

And then, finally, it was over, with Tampa Bay heading home for the Super Bowl. Vitale, appropriately and predictably, lost his mind:

Honestly, there’s something fairly pure about Vitale sitting in his living room going crazy over a Tampa Bay game. He’s 81, and while hopefully he takes all kinds of precautions if he does decide to go to the game itself in a few weeks, it’s hard not to appreciate his enthusiasm right now. (Unless we find out he has a sponsorship deal with Pepto-Bismol, but even then we’d probably forgive him.)

Enjoy the win, Dick.

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