The Falcons and Packers are currently playing a close Sunday Night Football game in the NFL grand opening of Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

With the Falcons facing a 3rd and goal early in the first quarter, Devonta Freeman took a hand-off and powered into the end zone:

The best part there was the awesome jump shot celebration coordinated with guard Andy Levitre, taking advantage of the new NFL celebration rules that (finally) allows for more choreographed awesomeness.

In a very quick response, NBC went to the vault for their bumper music and broke out their best (and perhaps the best, ever) sports theme music: “Roundball Rock” from the NBA on NBC days:

That is a very welcome return for Roundball Rock, which is dearly missed; maybe NBC could license it to Turner, just for playoff use? Maybe they could use it for EPL matches? And, perhaps most urgently, can it replace the really, really stupid Carrie Underwood Sunday Night Football theme? Maybe? Because the people have spoken:

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