Titans DeAndre Hopkins Treylon Burks Credit: Josh Norris/USA Today Images

When it comes to Treylon Burks, neither DeAndre Hopkins nor the Tennessee Titans, are sleeping on him.

Burks, a former first-round pick out of the University of Arkansas, joined the Titans in the 2022 NFL season. The move came after A.J. Brown went to Philadelphia, so Burks had a heavier workload and expectation than he probably expected out of the gate. He’s played well though since, and while he hasn’t quite replicated Brown’s success in Nashville, there are outside forces working against him.

That being said, confidence is still high in Burks right now. And especially so if the star receiver Hopkins is to be believed.

Hopkins fielded questions from the media on Tuesday afternoon. One reporter asked if Hopkins felt that anyone, “outsiders” included, were sleeping on the now third-year receiver. The former Clemson standout was rather ’emphatic’ in answering.

“I’m trying to think of how to answer that without a negative soundbyte. Are we sleeping on Trey? … … … Nein,” Hopkins said. “That means ‘No’ in German.”

Following the press conference, Hopkins hopped on X and offered another response to the questions on his teammate.

“The media is the only one sleeping on Treylon Burks. No one in the locker room doubted him or slept on him,” Hopkins wrote. “I can’t speak for ‘people’ so Nein, he’s never been slept on to us. Thank you come again,” Hopkins said.

Burks will obviously let his work take care of itself for him. But, in Hopkins’ defense, this was a strong defense of a teammate. And by the sound of it, it appears the Titans know exactly what they have in him.

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