NFL Network’s David Carr is in a unique position when it comes to discussing the hottest story in the NFL. Since his brother Derek is the Raiders starting quarterback, David has an inside look on the situation with Antonio Brown that no other analyst in the league has.

On the other hand, it’s not as if David can reveal everything he knows, because it will be assumed (rightly or wrongly) that anything new he reveals about Brown will have been leaked to him by his brother. Plus, because his brother is involved (as tangentially as it may be) with Brown’s ongoing war with the Raiders, he needs to remain unbiased and impartial.

During Thurday night’s edition of NFL Total Access, David revealed some new info on the Brown story, stating that while everyone with the Raiders would like to see Brown come back, the captains told head coach Jon Gruden that the players would support whatever decision Gruden makes.

Antonio Brown has dominated the NFL preseason, and for not good reasons. From his frost bitten feet to the helmet fiasco to the altercation with GM Mike Mayock, Brown hasn’t done himself any favors with the Raiders. And now, there’s a chance that Brown won’t play a down of meaningful football with the Raiders.

It seems like David is on the right track for how this is playing out. The key wording in this entire story has been that the Raiders were “planning to suspend” Brown. That doesn’t mean they are going to suspend him, but that’s their plan right now. Between now and Monday, the Raiders seem to be holding out hope that cooler heads can prevail and Brown will come back. If they can’t, and the Raiders suspend Brown, David Carr will likely be one of the first people on the outside to know.

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