A fumble from Dalvin Cook.

Monday night’s Minnesota Vikings-Chicago Bears game had some highlights, but it also had some lowlights. One of the latter involved Minnesota running back Dalvin Cook. On an eight-yard run in the third quarter, Cook’s longest carry of the night at that point, he fumbled at the end, and recovered the ball, but not before it hit him in an uh, sensitive area. Here’s the initial play:

And the replay:

The understated “Dangerous area, too” from play-by-play announcer Steve Levy after analyst Brian Griese’s “He landed right on top of it” was great. Critics who appreciate the oeuvre of Hans Moleman Productions will definitely relate to this one.

Indeed, this does have a football in the groin. Cook wound up all right, and returned to the game notlong after this, and the Vikings scored on this drive, so it wasn’t all bad for him or his team. But this was certainly an uncomfortable moment for him.


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