Brock Osweiler after throwing an interception while Cris Collinsworth praised him.

This week’s Sunday Night Football saw one of the most perfect examples of the dreaded announcer jinx, with analyst Cris Collinsworth praising Denver Broncos’ quarterback Brock Osweiler and Osweiler immediately responding by throwing an interception. Here’s the clip:

“It was Osweiler who talked about Hue Jackson in Cleveland and said “I have nothing bad to say about him. My fundamentals needed work and Hue Jackson did great work,'” Collinsworth says. “And I’ll tell you, he looks better, he looks sharp out here tonight.” Play-by-play broadcaster Al Michaels then picks it up with “Third and five, and that’s on you. Patrick Chung, and it’s [Garrett] Bolles who’s going to take him down. That is the ultimate kibosh.” “Nobody can do it like I can,” Collinsworth says, and Michaels goes “You’ve eclipsed Coach Madden with that one. That’s Hall of Fame,” and Collinsworth finishes with a “Sorry, Brock!”

At least the broadcasters had some fun with that. And sure, maybe Osweiler’s mechanics did look better than they had over the years. But it should be noted that this came with the Broncos losing 41-16 in the fourth quarter, and in a game where Osweiler had only completed 17 of 29 passes for 216 yards at that point, and had already hit a bystander on the sidelines. And this came in a year where he’d been traded in a salary dump and then cut. So, while Collinsworth may have picked up on some improvement, that’s pretty moderate improvement. And this praise definitely backfired in a big way.


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